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Hi Bob

I'll have a lash...

The 31 December attending in the church at Gelmbocin was the marriage bachelor Michael Krampitz heir (of) George Kramptiz neighbours to Schoenwald marriage 2nd son with the virtuous young woman (single) Maria Kommin formerly heir (of) Jacob Komm(in) residents of Guttau posthumous only daughter after three times announcing (banns)in the church of Czernikowo.

The gist is:

Michael Krampitz married Maria Kommin on 31 December 1793 in Gelmbocin

Michael was the second son of George Krampitz and they lived in the neighbourhood or area near Schoenwald
Maria was the only daughter of the pre-deceased Jacob of Guttau.

Hope this helps and that perhaps someone else can add to it.



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I have a short 'document' from Jackowo in 1793.
Several people have been working at reading the difficult handwriting
and the best they've come up with is the following.

Den 31 Dezember ward in der Kirche zu Gelmbocin der  Ehrbare
Junggeselle Michael Krampitz des Ehrbaren George
Krampitz  Mitnachbars zu Schoenwald ehelich 2ter Sohn
mit der tugendsamen Jungfrau  Maria Kommin des weiland
Ehrbaren Jacob Komm Einwohners in Guttau  nachge-
lassenen einzigen Tochter nach dreymaliger Auf-
bietung in der  Kirche zu Czernikowo copulirt.

Google doesn't make much sense of it,   particularly the third  line on.
We know Schoenwald is German for Jackowo,  but it gets  more
confusing the more read..

Bob K.

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