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Hi :) 
My name ist Stephanie Gray née Talerowski and I'm trying to find out more about my grandfathers parents, siblings etc and possibly locate family that I know still lives in Poland and Ukraine.

My grandfathers name was 
Peter Talerowski (Talarowski) he was born Oct 30 or 13, 1910 In a German settlement  called Taubowka (Talbovka) located near (south west) Holubivka - outside of Zhytomyr.
This is also where he married his first wife Alwine Lachera - she was born 22 Jan 1907 in Taubowka.
Peters parents were Stanislav Talerowski born around 1870 in Taubowka - died ca 1947 in Taubowka and Appolonia Demuth not sure where she was born but she died in Taubowka in 1912.

From what I was told - Stanislav's father grew up to a wealthy landowner family in Poland. He fell in love with a German girl working for his family ( teaching the younger siblings). Since the family didn't want them to get married Stanislav's parents left Poland and purchased land in Taubowka. 

I have just recently ordered but not received yet, the EWZ files for Peter Talerowski, Alwine Lachera and some of their children.

Does anyone know where I could research records for the town Taubowka?
If Stanislav Talerowski or Appolonia Demuth where born/married/died there, what records are available and where would I find them? I believe the family was catholic.

My grandfather Peter had 6 children all born in Taubowka. His wife died in 1942 and my grandfather and his kids were split up during/after the war. 
My grandfather came to Germany and remarried. He was able to find some of his family but I would like to continue the search.
One of his sons lives in Russia and I'm in contact with him but he does not have any  information regarding his ancestry or family in Poland.
One daughter lives in or around Kiev ( I have an old handwritten address but can't read it)
And another daughter and also youngest sister of my grandfather are somewhere in Poland.

Is Talerowski , Talarowski , Toljarowski a very common name in Poland ?
Anyone doing any research on that name or Demuth and Lachera ?

I know I have a lot of questions- probably more to come but I would truly appreciate any help/suggestions.

Thank you

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