[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Mielke marriage and birth

Наталья Юдина yudina-62 at inbox.ru
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 Rose, I  thank  you 1000 times and again for scans sent yesterday. Unfortunately, in Kiew marriage/birth records
( in German) I can read only surnames and I don't know anybody who 
could help me. With records in Polish I will ask to work my father, 
probably he will manage something.

On the other hand, I have also
 a joyful news - I've  managed to help Stephanie Tolyarovski-Gray who addressed to me through a forum of 
SGGEE   in order to find relatives of Eduard De(i)muth 
living now in Ukraine from Shcheglovka village of the Korostyshevsky 
volost of the Zhitomir district.
Stephanie already has communicated with 
them by phone and laid out on her personal page of a social network " 
Odnoklassniki.ru " some photos from the family archive.
Probably, I also will be able to help other participants of a forum to find their relatives in modern Ukraine and Russia.

 also attach the reference on  a
 database of two Ural labor camps (so called "die Trudarmee") placed on a portal of the Russian Germans - Bogoslovlag and Tagillag where it is
 possible to find information, using data on the birthplace of the 
prisoner (Zhitomir district, Kiev district, Rovnensky district, etc.):


Mit herzrlichen grüßen,
Natalia Yudina
(Moskau, Internationaler Verband der deutschen Kultur)

Tue, 20 May 2014 19:18:00 -0700 от "Rose Ingram" <roseingram at shaw.ca>:
>First is the Mielke - Styrschinka 1876 marriage 
entry recorded in Kiev book.  These marriage records are more like an 
>Your will notice that Heinrich is lutheran and 
Adelheid is catholic.  THis is not very common in those days.  I have 
the same in my family in 1840's in Poland... 
>The record is on the right side (but on page 
487).  You will see pg.107 in the right column. Obviously there is a more 
complete marriage record with more information in some marriage book for 1877 
and on page 104.  I do not know where this book would be.  It may be 
in the Kiev Archives. 
>Next email I will send the records from 
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  Mielke-Lau marriage record
>>Thank you for the answer. Here is the record from SGGEE 
  database about Alfonse Mielke's birth. Could it be copied?
>>Surname Given Name Birth Day and Month Birth Year Event Place Parish Father Mother Given Name Mother Surname Film or Item Page Number Register Remarks
>>Mielke AlphonsLeohard 20 Jul 1877 Kiev KIE Heinrich Adelheid Stytschinska 1884071-1/1877 427 210

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