[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] families Mielke and Stychinsky scans

Edelgard Strobel udo-edelgard at freenet.de
Thu May 22 04:35:14 PDT 2014

Hello Natalia,

sorry, of course I was wrong. I already was wondering why a smith was also a skipper. The translation of Jan Textor makes much more sense :-)

The text says "kawaler(em)" which means bachelor, single and I have read kowal-erem? (kowal = smith). Sternikiem (= sternik) z Wloclawku = helmsman from Wloclawek. 

Nobody is perfect.


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  Thanks, Edelgard!
  Other participants deciphered an occupation of the groom as "helmsman". What Polish word do you see in the marriage record?

  With greetings, Natalia

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