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Thanks Gerald for comments and setting me straight away!  Oh the fun of 

I wondered about the 'a' ending for male given first name, but I have never 
seen this in the hundreds of German Lutheran church records I've gone 
red-eyed over.  Question:  Would this 'a' ending to male first names be 
typical of Polish records? Or possibly typical of Roman Catholic church 

Looking now again, I think the spelling might be Kolonÿ, with an umlat over 
the y at the end (instead of a 'j').  What do you think?  Did Polish use the 
y with umlat?

Someone also suggested the name Anna Ros. or some abbreviation for 
Rosina/Rozina.  Looks to me:  Anna Roza with the dot over the z (same 'a' 
ending as Panna Anna, only a bit sloppy, and therefor not an 'en' or 'cz').

Cheers everyone!
Linda in Wisconsin

PS  Gerald, are you related to Klatt family of New London, Wisconsin, or to 
Klatt in Labischin German Lutheran church records?

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> Hi Mauricio
> I know what Linda is saying about the genetive 'a' ending on male and 
> female given names, but I doubt that is the case here. I say this because 
> the use 'a' ending on several obvious male names in this particular 
> marriage entry. The following names all appear in the marriage entry and 
> it's unlikely they are female - the latter two appear with that spelling 
> ahead of their repective spouses.
> Jana (=Johann)
> Josefa (=Josef)
> Macieja(=Matthias)
> Also, rare for a midwife to appear on a marriage entry, more common on 
> birth entry when child is illegimate and father is not available to 
> present the child to the pastor. On a marriage entry they usually only 
> name the mother if the groom or bride was an illegimate birth, or father 
> 'unknown'.
> 'Skoszewskiej'
> The scribe of this marriage entry typically closes the 'g' at the top. In 
> this case I believe it is correct as 'Skoszewskiej', because the letter is 
> open on top, not closed. Also, Skoszewskiej exists on search engines, 
> Skoszewskieg does not. I realise there's no dot over the 'j' like in our 
> modern alphabet, but I find that when it looks like our modern j, it's 
> typically the letter 'y' or 'i', with a long tail. An example of this in 
> this particular marriage entry is the word 'Koloni'(=colony), it appears 
> as Kolonj, but I believe that 'j-like' letter it their 'i' or 'y' and we 
> have either koloni or kolony.
> Hope this helps,
> Regards
> Gerald
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> record
> For Mauricio Norenberg (Polish Napoleonic marriage record, as translated 
> by Gerald Klatt), please see my comments below.  I do not read Polish, but 
> I have studied old German handwriting for a few years, so here is my 
> interpretation of handwritten names in my underlined comments below:
> 17. Glogowiec
> It came to pass in the village of Skoszewack(?) -- Shoszewach or 
> Shosuwach?
> on 14 November 1827 at one o'clock in the afternoon in the presence of 
> witnesses:
> Bogumila (=Gottlieb) -- Bogumill also = Theodore [per website 
> http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Polish_given_names], but this name 
> is Bogumila, possibly female, Theodora [maybe a midwife?]
> Sternack (or Hernack?), --This is an 'H' [not an 'S' as compared to the 
> 'S' of the 'Sl' with line through letter 'l' at start of line 18], but 
> surname looks more like HERZACH to me
> [occupation=?], age forty-two residing in colony Glogowiec,
> and
> Jana(=Johann) Szuka? --possibly SZUBA or SZUHA?, (occupation=) smith, 
> residing in colony Glogowiec, age twenty-four.
> Accomplished on this day was a religious marriage between Janem(=Johann) 
> Nerimbergem (=Nerimberg), bachelor residing colony Glogowiec and born to 
> Josefa?(=Josef) and [wife] -- Elsab. [=Elsabein? -- name begins the same 
> as the 'E' in name Elzbiety]
> Kxxsz(ow), -- maiden surname KUSSROW, or possibly KURSZOW or KUZSROW 
> married couple named Nerimberg(ow); age, twenty-eight.
> and
> maiden Anna Reicz(?) -- Anna RIECZ or REIEN [note: I have seen an 'EN' 
> ending on German surnames in church records from Poland area, with a 
> dropped 'n', the 'EN' ending used on surnames for females -- it could 
> indicate a previously married surname since it does not match the parents' 
> surname]
> born to Macieja(=Matthias) and Elibity -- Elzbiety, or Elzbieta 
> (=Elisabeth), a married couple named Schindler(ow)
> of colony Glogowiec residing; age, twenty-three; in colony Slowik(?) --  
> [Slowik has a line through the 'l'] born and ....???
> ...marriage preceeded by three announcements (banns) on days:
> twenty-eight October; fourth and eleventh November in the current year in 
> parish Skoszewskiej Skoszewskieg
> ....permission for marriage given parents of newlywed bride ..... and 
> newlywed groom....
> This entry read to the witnesses (likely could not read or write) and 
> signed by:
> Anteni Kraszenski, Pastor parish Skoszewskiej Skoszewskieg [not a 'j' at 
> the end, but a 'g']
> Hope somehow this helps!
> Linda in Wisconsin
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