[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] question re Lutsk land appropriations list

Craig Schiller craigbear at gmail.com
Fri May 23 15:18:04 PDT 2014

I've recently been perusing the Lutsk land appropriations lists in the
SGGEE members-only area, and need a bit of assistance. I've found several
names in the list that *potentially* correspond to relatives of mine, but
I'm having trouble locating the towns that are listed as their residences
-- even the SGGEE gazetteer isn't helping me locate them at all.

The places I'm having trouble with are *Osovez*, *Gorschki*,
*Krasnobyrki*(in all three cases the landowner's name corresponds to
one who also has
holdings in Apollonia, which is *exactly* where I would expect to find the
relatives in question); *Stawki* (which is in the gazetteer but I can't
find it on the map); and *Rogosniza*. There are two other listings for
which I don't have a problem; I located the towns without difficulty and
they're in exactly the right area.

Obviously, I know that just because a listing has a name (and patronymic)
that matches a relative of mine doesn't guarantee that they're actually the
right person -- but figuring out where the towns are would help me
determine whether they're useful leads or just coincidental but irrelevant
name matches. Does anybody know where those places are?

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