[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] question re Lutsk land appropriations list

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Fri May 23 18:21:26 PDT 2014

Bit of an update...looked at a different map and located Stawki, almost
exactly where I should probably have expected it to be.

I also found something labelled as "Uzowieck", which looks to me very much
like it could be an alternate spelling for "Osovez", in the right area --
but it appears to be a geographical feature rather than a farming village,
so I'm not entirely sure I've solved that riddle yet. No Gorschki or
Krasnobyrki yet either, but George's *Die deutschen Kolonien in
Wohlynien*reference does tie all three place names into the correct

Just to clarify, because I've already had a couple of responses directing
me toward Goroschki in Zhitomir: it's the *Lutsk* land appropriation lists
that I'm looking at, so even if the place names aren't actually pointing at
my relatives they still have to be somewhere in the Lutsk region. Places in
Zhitomir wouldn't even be in this file in the first place.

On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 8:16 PM, Craig Schiller <craigbear at gmail.com> wrote:

> Well, most of the documents that I've already located to date place the
> relatives in question as living in the two towns, Dorosin and
> Apollonia-Babje (now called Kvitneve), that immediately straddle Shchuryn
> on either side, and the two places that I *was* able to locate are right
> next to Dorosin. Also, since the file I asked about was the *Lutsk *land
> appropriation lists, the places I'm looking for have to be somewhere in the
> Lutsk district and the Goroschki in Zhitomir would never even be in this
> file in the first place.
> But if those place names all resolve to Shchuryn, then I'm probably on the
> right track here, so thanks :-)
> On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 7:43 PM, George Shoning <shoning at q.com> wrote:
>> Craig,
>> "Goroshki" is Volodarsk-Volynskyi today, in the Ukrainian language -
>> Володарськ-Волинський. It is located 45 Km northwest of Zhitomir or
>> Zhytomyr (Ukrainian: Житомир).  It is the administrative center of the
>> Volodarsk-Volynskyi Raion. If I remember correctly, Goroshki was officially
>> called "Kutuzovo" (Кутузова) until 1924.
>> According to Mychailo Kostiuk in "Die deutschen Kolonien in Wohlynien"
>> (page 232), Krassnobyrki (краснобырки) is located in Volost Shchuryn
>> (Щурин).  I have not found Krassnobyrki on a map, but you can find Shchuryn
>> on maps.google.com by doing a google search on "Shchuryn".
>> Kostiuk also shows Ossovez (Особець)as being in Volost Shchuryn (page
>> 233).
>> Incidentally, Kostiuk also shows a "Gorshki" in Volost Shchuryn.  You
>> should ensure for which location you are looking, "Goroshki" or "Gorshki".
>> I am interested in knowing the name that you associated with Goroshki.  I
>> was born in Goroshki.
>> George Shoning
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>> Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] question re Lutsk land appropriations list
>> I've recently been perusing the Lutsk land appropriations lists in the
>> SGGEE members-only area, and need a bit of assistance. I've found several
>> names in the list that *potentially* correspond to relatives of mine, but
>> I'm having trouble locating the towns that are listed as their residences
>> -- even the SGGEE gazetteer isn't helping me locate them at all.
>> The places I'm having trouble with are *Osovez*, *Gorschki*,
>> *Krasnobyrki*(in all three cases the landowner's name corresponds to
>> one who also has
>> holdings in Apollonia, which is *exactly* where I would expect to find the
>> relatives in question); *Stawki* (which is in the gazetteer but I can't
>> find it on the map); and *Rogosniza*. There are two other listings for
>> which I don't have a problem; I located the towns without difficulty and
>> they're in exactly the right area.
>> Obviously, I know that just because a listing has a name (and patronymic)
>> that matches a relative of mine doesn't guarantee that they're actually
>> the
>> right person -- but figuring out where the towns are would help me
>> determine whether they're useful leads or just coincidental but irrelevant
>> name matches. Does anybody know where those places are?
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