[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] family Mielke scans

Edelgard Strobel udo-edelgard at freenet.de
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Hello Natalia,

since Ilona has already done this job, just a few additions:

Nr. 57: ?? = unweit der Stadt = not far from the town

Nr. 18 ?? = Tscherkaß (=Tscherkasse, Черкассы)
two of the godparents are: Wilhelm Jüterbogk (Jüterbog is a town in Brandenburg) and Julius Feyerabend (Feierabend = quitting time).

Have a nice weekend.

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  Hello Natalia,

  now the scans:

  Nr. 57

  born: Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Mielke, 23.09.1852,in the evening 8 o'clock pm, christening 28.09.1852 in church from pastor Abel, 

  ?? Perijaslaw, Gourvenement Poltawa

  parents: prussian subordinate, Steuermann (profession first mate), Heinrich Mielke and wife Louise Lau, evang.-luth. church

  gotfather: Albert Gierth, Katharina Noskin, maiden name Kretschmann

  Nr. 18

  born: Ferdinand Eduard Mielke, 07. July 1859, in the afternoon 6 o'clock pm, ?? Gourvenement Kiew, christening 08. May 1860, in church from pastor Soenson

  parents: Heinrich Mielke, boat skipper, prussian subordinate from Thorn and his wife Louise Lau, all evangelisch-lutherisch church

  godfather: Wilhelm Güterbock top miller (profession), Julius Fegerabend, undermiller, Mathilde Wittchen?, Maria Warnke, maiden name Volker

  Sorry, I say it in English as well as I can.

  regards from Germany



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  Good evening, Edelgard!

  As I could never cope with translating of  German records (I understand only

  names and table heading), I ask you and other participants of SGGEE 

  listserve to

  help me  - sending your interpretation.

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