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I also see that there is at least one other family from Suckow on these 
two pages, a Frank family; they are also from Russia. There are also 
some German Russian families from a Ludwikow, including a Markwart. 
These are all familiar surnames of the families from both sides of the 
Bug River in Volhynia and Russian Poland. The families may have fled 
north to emigrate or they may have left earlier and had to wait some 
time before they could leave for Brazil or North America. They could 
also have arrived there some years earlier. If you can trace where 
Gottfried's children were born, that should help tell the story. You 
might use Suckow as a key word  in an immigration search to see if other 
families related to yours were also there.

One of the branches of my Pohl family disappeared from the Lublin 
records about 1900. I have since located a cousin in Berlin who comes 
from that family, recognized photos I had, and knew of a marriage in the 
Berlin area in 1913, but the family probably arrived there some years 
before. There was still contact between this branch and my father during 
WWII and the years after the war though he had stayed in the Lublin area 
until 1940, served in the German army, and settled near Hamburg until 
emigrating in 1952. But he never spoke of this family nor told my mother 
about them even though there are photos of them in the family album. All 
of us have many mysteries to solve.

Sigrid Pohl Perry

On 5/26/2014 8:24 AM, Gerald Klatt wrote:
> Hi Mauricio
> If you are looking at the following list
> http://www.die-maus-bremen.de/Datenbanken/auswanderer/passagierli/index.php?id=liste1&ArchivIdent=FSI-11.04.1914-2_M&abreisehafen=Bremen&ankunftshafen=Rio%20de%20Janeiro,%20Brasilien&unternehmer=F.%20Missler,%20Bremen&lang=de
> it would appear as Gottfied Nörenberg, his wife (Wilhelmine) and children, were all travelling together, so...
> Gottfried Nörenberg's occupation is given as: Landw(irt) Tagelöhner = Farm day labourer, farmworker
> and the rest of his family as: Ldw Tagel Angehöriger = member or belonging to the farm worker's family.
> Regards,
> Gerald
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> Hello
> Something really interesting (and puzzling!) came to my research.
> I was always wondering why I couldn't find any records of my ancestors in
> Volhynia prior to their immigration to Brazil in 1908. (a gap between early
> 1890's and late 1900's)
> Then I find my grandfather's brother emigration record who migrated to
> Brazil in 1914 just before WW1 and get a surprise:
> He was definitely living in Volhynia, but in 1914 he was residing in
> Suckow, Pommern.
> This is brand new information for me and could mean perhaps my family moved
> to there before Brazil.
> The record:
> Namenskartei aus den "Bremer Schiffslisten", 1904-1914
> (
> https://familysearch.org/search/catalog/398182?availability=Family%20History%20Library
> )
> Name: Gottfried Nörenberg
> Gender: Male
> Age: 45
> Event Date: 11 Apr 1914
> Ship Name: Eisenach
> Shipping Company: FM
> Residence Place: Suckow, Pommern, Rußland
> Arrival Place: Rio De Janeiro, , Brasilien
> Marital Status: Married
> Occupation: Landw Tagelöhner
> GS Film number: 1568852
> Digital Folder Number: 4338889
> Image Number: 04543
> This opens a whole new research scenario for me but I have no idea where to
> start, I would love to hear some ideas.
> On Wikipedia, Suckow is a municipality in the Ludwigslust-Parchim district,
> in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. Or am I confusing with some other
> Russian place?
> If this is the correct place, it's telling me a group o Volhynians went to
> this place, but so far I can only find Kirchenbuch on the year range
> 1695-1870 and nothing more.
> Did anyone else come across the same situation as mine?
> Also, what exactly means Landw Tagelöhner and Ldw Tagel Angehöriger?
> Many thanks
> Mauricio
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