[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] The right village / town of Suckow

PETER VON LIPINSKY lipinsky at shaw.ca
Mon May 26 13:38:57 PDT 2014

This message is for Mauricio Norenberg.

Please make sure sure that you have the right village / town of Suckow for your family research:

There are 3. different villages with the same name of Suckow in Pommern:

# 1 ) Suckow im Kreis  Pyritz , Pommern   
# 2 ) Suckow im Kreis Saatzig , Pommern,         ( im Kreis  = in the district of ) 
# 3 ) Suckow im Kreis Schlawe , Pommern  

There is another Suckowo in Wilno, Poland Oszmiana 


one more Suckow im Kreis  Ostprignitz, Brandenburg and another Suckow in  Mecklenburg- Schwerin
You list the following:  Residence Place : Suckow, Pommern, Rußland. The naming of  Rußland together with Pommern is a bit
 confusing to me. Maybe somebody else can help you here.
Peter von Lipinsky 

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