[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Information on the Barger and Fuchs families

PETER VON LIPINSKY lipinsky at shaw.ca
Mon May 26 14:38:12 PDT 2014

  This message is for Agnieszka Dziakowicz:

 Re:  Your message on the SGGEE message board on May 13 / 2014

Re: You are looking for  Information on the Families Barger and Fuchs  from the village of  Beckersdorf, Galizien

The Book : Ahnen und Schicksale - Familienbuch der Pfälzer aus Beckersdorf in Galizien " 

I have the Book on a temporary loan from our University and the names Barger and Fuchs are listed in this book. In fact, 
there is a large amount of family dates , names etc, on both of these families listed. If Agnieszka is interested in the information, please let me know. asap. 
Peter von Lipinsky

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