[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] German document translation for Natalia Yudina

marmel marmel at pctcnet.net
Sat May 31 20:20:35 PDT 2014

Greetings Natalia,

I read document:

Eltern heissen:  Parents called
Family Name and For-Name:  DITTLOFF, Friedrich
Occupation:  Packmeister (pack or parcel master? or hay bale master?)
Born: 6.12.1855 (6 Dez 1855)
Religion: Katholisch
Birth Place: Saalfeld, Mohorüngen/Mohrüungen (in former Ostprussen or East 
Prussia, today: Zalewo, Warminsko-Mazurskie, Poland) -- location per 
Kartenmeister website
Wohnung (dwelling, home):  on 21.6.83 (21 Juni 1883) at Breslau (? maybe 
Fabryczyna near Wroclaw, Poland?) in Yerzyce 205 (? Zernicka? street 
address?) by Rehdanz (? Rezedowa?) -- location per Kartenmeister website

This document (page 12) details information about the parent.  Is there a 
left page of the register (page 11) about a son/daughter?
I'm not sure what type of register this page is from (detailing residency?). 
It shows birth, birthplace, and later residence, all in current-day Poland 
(then Prussia), of likely a grown child, age 27y 6m (Juni 1883 subtract 
Dezember 1855 = 27 years 6 months) of Friedrich DITTLOFF.

Hope this helps a little.  Maybe other list members will have more ideas and 
experience with this type of document.

in Wisconsin, USA

> I ask in my turn your? help in translation of enclosed record in German 
> and explanation of a type of the document:
> http://yadi.sk/d/DNqsHQq0RmhEH
> Mit herzrlichen gr??en,
> Natalia Yudina
> (Moskau, Internationaler Verband der deutschen Kultur)

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