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Paul Rakow paul.rakow at cantab.net
Thu Oct 2 11:58:01 PDT 2014

 Hello Linda, Gary,

     I was interested in this query, since I have ancestors from
 Belchatow too, though I'm mostly interested in the 1820s.

      I had a look at the marriage record of Samuel Lange
 and Anna Marianne Tumm, which is now online at the

    Samuel Lange's parents were Gottfryd Lange and Anna Rozyna Kuck,
 so I'm afraid Gary's hypothetical link to this Lange family doesn't
 fit.  Samuel was born about 1829 in a place that looks like
 Rosynowi .  There are several place names mentioned, I'll have
 to look at maps and gazeteers to see if I can identify them.

    Anna Maryanna Tumm's parents were Michael Tumm and Anna Katarina
 Steinke, she was born about 1835, as you thought.

      What records from Belchatow have you looked at already?

     As well as birth, marriage and death records there are also
 some tax records available, that might help you find more about
 the Lange family's time in Belchatow.

                   Paul Rakow


 Gary Gomes wrote:

>There is a lot of information available on the SGGEE web site that
pertains to your search.  I am particularly interested because I have
been trying to tie Samuel Lange into my Lange family (my maternal
grandfather lived in the Ebenezer, SK area from 1892 to 1930).
>I have copied a number of the data entries I have found – some are in the
“members-only” area but many are in the public section.  The parents of
Anna Marianne Tumm/Tomm appears to be Michael Tumm and Anna Katharine
Steinke.  The information ties to yours with a few questionable points.
>1)     There are listings for two Tumm daughter, Anna Suzanne and Anne
Marianne and both are shown as marrying a Samuel Lange; I am unsure
whether they are one in the same or not.
>2)     The 1872 death for Anna appears wrong since there is a subsequent
child (Karl) born a year later.  There is a death record for the Anna
Suzanne in 1885.
>3)     The birth date I was showing in my own database for Ernestine is
Nov 20 1850 (this is consistent with the 1906 SK census) which is 14
years earlier than any Lange/Tumm children I have found; and if Anna was
botn in 1835, she would have only been 15.
>My “hypothesis” is that Samuel Lange was the son of Johann Lange and Anna
Christine Wille who are my third great grandparents (I think ). 
If you have or find anything to me prove or disprove this, I would be
>I have sent you the records I found via a direct e-mail.
>Good luck

 Linda Vogt wrote:

> Searching for relatives of ERNESTINE MILBRANDT (nee Lange).
> Ernestine may also have been called Christine.  After emigrating to
> Canada from Poland, Ernestine and her husband Adolph D. Milbrandt resided
> in or near Springside, Saskatchewan.  Together they had 8 children:
> Julia, Olga, Tena, Alfred, August, John, Bertha, and Daniel.  Ernestine
> died in the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic.
> Ernestine?s Father is Samuel LANGE, born about 1836, near Lodz, Poland
> Ernestine?s Mother is Anna Marianne TUMM, born about 1835, at or near
> Poraj, Lodzkie, Poland.  Samuel Lange & Anna Marianne Tumm married May
> 14, 1855, Belchatow, Lodzkie, Poland and together they had at least five
> children.  Anna Marianne died in 1872 in Poland around the time of the
> birth of Samuel?s and Anna Marianne?s son Ferdinand in February 1872.
> After Anna Marianne?s death, Samuel married Henrietta Nachtigall and I am
> a great granddaughter of that union.
> Any information would be appreciated.  Please contact me at
> linda.vogt at gmail.com
> Thank you.

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