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      According to my Hippocrene Unabridged Dictionary (Polish to 
English) , alias means the same in Polish as it does in English. 
Quoted from the dictionary "an assumed name; otherwise named". 
  John Marsch

On Sat, 11 Oct 2014 10:13:02 -0600, Earl Schultz 
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I think we all know the meaning of 'alias' in English but I am now 
wondering about the context of the word in Polish records. Awhile ago I 
found a record that gave the surname of a male as "Werner alias Lange". 
I thought I knew what that meant. 
> A couple of days ago, I found another record that said about the 
> bride in a marriage: "Ludwika Werner alias Kankowska, unmarried 
> woman, born of Elzbieta z Gogolin Wernerowa, father unknown". Does 
> this mean that her father was a Kankowski but her adopted father was 
> Werner? If the father was unknown and Ludwika was illegitimate, where 
> would the surname Kankowski come from? Normally in that situation the 
> child takes the surname of the mother, Gogolin in this case. 
> It seems obvious to me that Werner cannot be the same surname as both 
> Lange and Kankowski so the alias does not mean that the surnames are 
> the same. 
> I would appreciate any insight to this. Thanks,
> Earl
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