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If the mother was unmarried, be her maiden name, if woman married but husband died before birth of child be maiden name-if my thinking is right.   She may had been married before, husband died before child born & or child of 1st marriage, but brought up in 2nd marriage.    Or an incident had occurred, possible fathers last name.    Also we must understand children have arrived before pastor could marry them, can be several years, several children.

I have an female Mietzner child born without name of either parent in 1853, with my great grand aunts # 2 & # 3 as godparents, leaving me to believe child is #1 great grandaunt's illegitimate child, later #1 who married in 1856 age of 27-this child wasn't raised with that family as far as any family knows.

I've listened to many others- so my knowledge comes from others, Cathy in Elgin, Minnesota

On Saturday, October 11, 2014 12:24 PM, "gpvjem at sasktel.net" <gpvjem at sasktel.net> wrote:

      According to my Hippocrene Unabridged Dictionary (Polish to 
English) , alias means the same in Polish as it does in English. 
Quoted from the dictionary "an assumed name; otherwise named". 
  John Marsch

On Sat, 11 Oct 2014 10:13:02 -0600, Earl Schultz 
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I think we all know the meaning of 'alias' in English but I am now 
wondering about the context of the word in Polish records. Awhile ago I 
found a record that gave the surname of a male as "Werner alias Lange". 
I thought I knew what that meant. 
> A couple of days ago, I found another record that said about the 
> bride in a marriage: "Ludwika Werner alias Kankowska, unmarried 
> woman, born of Elzbieta z Gogolin Wernerowa, father unknown". Does 
> this mean that her father was a Kankowski but her adopted father was 
> Werner? If the father was unknown and Ludwika was illegitimate, where 
> would the surname Kankowski come from? Normally in that situation the 
> child takes the surname of the mother, Gogolin in this case. 
> It seems obvious to me that Werner cannot be the same surname as both 
> Lange and Kankowski so the alias does not mean that the surnames are 
> the same. 
> I would appreciate any insight to this. Thanks,
> Earl
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