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Helen Gillespie gilleh23 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 13:11:40 PDT 2014

To the list,

The following website is a virtual encyclopedia of articles on the First
World War - articles on many subjections from and about every
country/region that was involved.


Partners of the website are from around the world - although many with
German links - but articles are contributed from authors around the world.
(see the About section).

The Eastern Europe portion has articles on  all aspects of both war, the
personalities and the social situation.  One in particular might be of
interest to those whose ancestors emigrated post WWI.  Others are well
worth browsing for background information Eastern Europe (or other areas
which might


Another on Refugees in the Russian Empire after WWI.

There are bibliographies for all the articles - for further research......

Under the Themes portion, there are articles on pre-war and the homefront.

Hopefully some on the list might find some useful items.

Another website I found on the archive.org website (a site that is
digitizing material from many libraries and archives) has a  German
newsreel from Jan 1940  -  showing many kinds of events (only in German as
it is a newsreel), *including a bit on the Wolhynians and other ethnic
Germans moving out of the Russian zone to Warthegau*  -  to see only this
section, move your curser to the 6.30 minute stop.  According to the
broadcast, some of these folk travelled as much as 400 km. by wagon or
sleigh to get to German territory.  BTW, many also went by train, but this
is not mentioned.

Happy browsing.



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