[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Krueger, Siewert

Donald Zottnick djzttni at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 14 14:21:15 PDT 2014

To Barry Krueger:

Have you tried Babiak Lutheran parish established about 1796 forward?  There are all kinds of Kruegers listed early on in Babiak.  There is one Mariane Siewert.  The other surnames I could not locate.  

Babiak is located only a few miles from Sompolno.   There are Kruegers all over this greater area, so a common surname may not be all that helpful.  I would also look at Konin, which is one county away from Babiak (Kolskie).  Konin can be accessed through on-line Polish sites citing Lutheran church records.  

Also, prior the about 1796, the mother Lutheran church for this area was the Wladyslawow (Turek) NW of modern Lodz.  This church has records going back to about 1775.   So it is possible, you may  find some luck there.  

To easily locate Babiak and its early colonists go to the German site GEDBAS.  On the entry page for "place" enter "Babiak".  You will find a whole potful of Kruegers, some with dates prior to 1800.

Also, one of the correspondents to this site published a list of Polish available on-line archives for some of these towns last summer.  I believe Konin, Babiak, maybe Wladyslawow, and maybe Sompolno were listed.  

I have  Zuknik, Zugnick, Zaknik, Cuknik, etc. ancestors listed in the Babiak and Wladyslawow church records.  Also,  Konin and Somolno.  One ancestral relative is dated to 1776 in Kozki, which was initially part of the Wladyslawow church, then Babiak.  His father dates to 1745, but with no birthplace.  The very early colonists of Babiak appear to have come largely from Kreis Friedeburg, Neumark, Brandenburg, Prussia.  

I know I share common ancestors with the family  in Konin.   Also,seeking Schu(h)mann, Noetzel, Schwandt in the same areas mentioned.

You may also want to check Dr. Reuben Drefs South Prussia records dating to about 1793/95.  I have found a few ancestral records there.

Hopes this helps a bit.

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