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I have a connection to your Spitzer family.  A few years ago, I was in 
contact with a descendant of Wilhelmine's brother Andreas.  Possibly he has 
information about the ancestors of Martin Spitzer and Anna Christine 
Neumann.  Write to me privately for his contact information.

I also have the Erdmann name but a couple of generations later than your
Marianna Erdmann.  Justine Erdmann born about 1833 married Christoph Rachui 
in Sompolno in 1854.  Justine's parents were Peter Erdmann and Christine 
Hartfeil.  I also have a Erdmann Schindler (possible variant of Schindel???) 
married to Amalie Spitzer born about 1861 in Gross Rudzke near Sompolno.

Dick Stein

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> To Debbie and List:
> I too have ancestors from Sompolno around the same time frame and then
> appeared around Chelm, Lubin at a later time.  They are:
> Gottlieb Schindel / Schendel born about 1820 in Stara Ruda.  He married
> Wilhelmine Spitzer who was born about 1824.  They were married in Sompolno
> on 19 Feb. 1843.  Ludwig died 14 Nov. 1844.
> It appears that Wilhelmine was pregnant with my great grandfather, Ludwig
> Schindel/Schendel when Gottlieb  died in 1844.  Ludwig was born 8 June
> 1845 probably Sompolno.  Ludwig married Emelia Scheske who was born 1859.
> They were married Nov. 1875 Lodzkie, Poland.  Their child, my grandfather
> Gottlieb was born 10 May 1882 Chelm.  He married Ernestine Rauch born 22
> Feb 1886 Wola Mlocka, Poland.
> The father of Gottlieb Schindel born about 1820 was Andreas
> Schindel/Schendel born about 1769 Kierno, Prussia and died 22 July 1852
> Stara Ruda.  He was married to Marianna/Anna Marie Erdmann (no information
> for her).
> The parents of Wilhelmine Spitzer were Martin Spitzer born about 1797 and
> died 27 Jan 1837.  Martin married Anna Christine Neumann born 15 Aug 1802
> Prezewoz and died 26 Sept 1860 Nowa Wies.
> Hoping that someone will connect these people to their ancestors.
> Sincerely,
> Nadine Erdman Saiki
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