[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Sompolno

Petra Serwaty petra at serwaty.de
Tue Oct 14 23:25:07 PDT 2014


my ancestors werde from the north of Sompolno, too.

The places were Zakrety, Kozy, Laczki, Lubsin, Byton, Bytonskie 
Holendry, Rudzk, Wierzelin, Mielnica, Przewocz and more.
The names were Spitzer, Drews, Kaschube, Ziebart, Tucholke, 
Neumann/Nowak, Kelm, Rachuj, Krüger, Friedrich and more.

You can look at my website, www.serwaty.de, than family spitzer.

You know, that a lot of churchbook-entries are online? This is the link 
to them: http://www.szukajwarchiwach.pl/search?q=sompolno%20XSKANro%3At


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