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Hi Pam,

It is a pleasure to get to know you and help you where we can.  All the surnames you mention are well-known and common in this area.  Here is what we currently have:


All the Michalki Parish records from 1810-1865 currently available on FHC films have been extracted; much of the Sierpc Parish has been extracted and the Russian records, post 1866, are being indexed and for Lipno, we have some of the marriages indexed and we are just starting to go through the films methodically to extract more of the information.  Maybe half of this information is with SGGEE and the rest will be added when complete.  There are several of us working on these records.


In order to help you further, it would help to see your ancestral tree/pedigree and any other information you can provide.  As you understand, we like to see where you might fit in.  We can then provide more information on new families as we do our extractions.  Of course, we are willing to share as well...that is what the hobby is to us.


If you are not a member of SGGEE, I'd like to encourage you to join as the membership fee helps to fund extraction projects like this.


The Vistula River Settlement Project is fairly new and only has a little over 100 people so far.  They are interested in knowing more about the people who settled this area, where they came from and where they went.  It promises to be the most important DNA project for us - us being those who passed through the Vistula River area on their way to Volhynia or the USA/Canada.  


Anyway, Pam, we look forward to working with you in the future.





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my fathers relatives are from lipno and surrounding area -- meier (mejer), besel, sonnenberg, kraus, abram, wollschlager, boehm -- i haven't had time to explore parish records and right now have limited time but would be interested in talking with others from that area and/or share those surnames.  i've been wanting to do DNA and will also chx out vistula river settlement project -- perhaps there is a relative out there or at least someone our ancestor's bumped into at market!  :)  pam meier, minneapolis, mn

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> Hi Matthew,
> Several of us are working in the Lipno-Michalki-Sierpc records and we should be able to help you. We have most of those films on permanent loan. The Village of your gggfather's birth could also be Lubraniec, but Lubianka is more likely and Lobzenica is not likely in my opinion. You might want to check an old map because I'm still not sure. We will know more once we see some of these records. Unfortunately, we are not as far along on Lipno extractions than the other two Parishes.
> Write direct to me and we will see what we can do for you. Also, we are encouraging people from this area to have their DNA tested and join the Vistula River Settlement Project (www.ftdna.com) so that we can more quickly find those we are related to.
> Earl

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