[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Mass Migration, Schadura to Brazil, 1886

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Hello Ron,

on the passengers list of the www.die-maus-bremen.de database I coud find the following relatives, who emigrated to Rio on the ship Bonn on Nov. 21st, 1908:

1. Carl Zachäi b. 13 Oct 1859, Piskory, Kalisz, Wielkopolskie, Poland 
par. Johann Gottlieb Zachej und Anna Elisabeth Zachej
-Katharina Zwick b. Cir 1865
|------2-Wilhelmine Zachäi b. 1892, Dorosin Nowe, Volyn, Russian Empire (Ukraine)
|------2-Friedrich Zachäi b. Cir 1894
|------2-Olga Zachäi b. Cir 1897
|------2-Ernst Zachäi b. 17 Jul 1899, Dorosin Nowe, c. 18 Jul 1899, Rozyszcze, Lutsk, Wolhynien
|------2-Hulda Zachäi b. 1901, Pidlisky, Lutsk, Rozyszcze, Ukraine
|------2-Leonhard Zachäi b. 29 Aug 1904, Pidlisky, Lutsk, Rozyszcze, Ukraine, c. 30 Aug 1904, Rozyszcze, Lutsk, Wolhynien
|------2-Gustav Zachäi b. 1907, Pidlisky, Lutsk, Rozyszcze, Ukraine


Their name probably has changed to Zache. I have searched for them in different databases, but could not find any of them.


I also have two Zache women, Amanda and Martha, from Volhynia in my db, who married an unknown Wolfram, but I don't know if there is a connection to the Wolfram family you mentioned:

1-Ferdinand Zache b. 17 Oct 1854, Bibianna, Turek, Polen, d. 9 May 1932, ..., Ukraine
son of Daniel Zache und Juliane Krause
 oo1. Pauline Hippke m. 22 Aug 1878, Heimthal, Nova-Rudnja, Wolhynien, Ukraine, d. 1902-1906, Olgenburg, Heimthal, Wolhynien
|------2-Friedrich Zache b. Cir 1879, Neumanowka, d. 7 Nov 1885, Heimthal, Nova-Rudnja, Wolhynien, Ukraine
|------2-Auguste Helene Zachae b. 14 Aug 1885, Neumanowka, d. 27 Aug 1885, Antonowka, Kostopol, Wolhynien
|------2-Ludwig Zachae 
|------2-Adolf Zachae 
|------2-Eduard Zachae 
|------2-Rudolf Zachae b. Cir 1900, d. 1938
        ooAdina Drebert b. 1902, Olgenburg, Heimthal, Wolhynien, d. 1969
       |------3-Emma Zachae 
       |------3-Eduard Zachae 
       |------3-Edmund Zachae 
 oo2. Lydia Berg b. 27 Jul 1887, Olgenburg, Heimthal, Wolhynien
|------2-Amanda Zache 
|       ooWolfram 
|------2-Olga Zache 
|       ooNehring 
|------2-Martha Zache 

Regards from Germany,


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> As I mentioned previously, I do recall that there were at least two 
> other families who came to Alberta from Brazil in the early 
> 1900's.  If anyone would like to have me find those families, please 
> contact me and I will try.

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