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To those interested in old back issues of the Wandering Volhynians 
quarterly publication, the web site below may be of assistance. 
John Marsch
On Tue, 11 Aug 2015 14:40:14 -0700, Rose Ingram  wrote:

       Barb and all,

I believe some presentations will be posted on our website under 2015 
convention, Under the Convention page. For some presentations we may or 
will need permission from the presentor to post them. 

It will be at least another two weeks or so before everyone settles 
down and returns to 'regular' SGGEE duties. 

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While we are on the subject of the convention, I'd like to say how much I
enjoyed it. Thank you to all who worked so hard putting it all together. 
Learned a lot! (Thank you Rose & Sigrid for your help with some
translations and Gary Warner for your advice re my messed up Legacy
files!). Will copies of the presentations be posted anywhere on the

Barb Yantha

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