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Hi Linda,

At first it can seem overwhelming to try to read Polish numbers, but believe it or not it is amazingly simply.  First you need to know where the numbers are located and the key words like "day", "age".  Then you only need to learn the first few letters of each number since the ending are similar.  Then learn "nasty", my term for "nastego" which is the equivalent to our "teen".  A number with those letters at the end are a 'teen'.  Finally, two numbers together are in the 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.  You do not need to know how to spell or read the whole number - just the first few letters and sometimes the ending.  Good luck - it comes quickly with practice.





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Is anyone able to read this record and tell me what the birth date was?

So far my skill is limited to being able to  read the names .

It is No. 174.


 <http://metryki.genealodzy.pl/metryka.php?ar=3&zs=1749d&sy=1853&kt=1&plik=173-176.jpg#zoom=1&x=0&y=0> http://metryki.genealodzy.pl/metryka.php?ar=3&zs=1749d&sy=1853&kt=1&plik=173-176.jpg#zoom=1&x=0&y=0






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