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Half Irish and the DNA matches; 50&.  Not much mixing in  Ireland.
But, Eastern Europe is another History..
>From my understanding,  there was much mixing of Teutonic (German),  
and several different Slavic groups, not to forget - the Jews that  were 
for nearly 1,000 years too.  (I've told my Jewish relatives that blue  eyes 
and blond hair didn't come from the middle east or Spain)
My own research of German ancestors of Easter Europe,  showed  villages with
both Polish and German surnames,  also the occasional German &  Polish 
(at least by their surnames)  
All those ethnic groups contributed to the DNA mixtures I've  seen reported 
by many others of Eastern European backgrounds.
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I'm not  an expert, but your 28% of general northern European is consistent
with  your German heritage. I believe that these are just genes that  occur
throughout northern Europe (including Germany), but don't cluster in  a
specific location like German or France.

It's your 6% of eastern  European that I find intriguing. I got a similar
result (about 9% eastern  European). And while my family lived in eastern
Europe, as far as I can  trace genealogically, they were all ethnic 

So I'm not sure  how to interpret that little bit of eastern European. A
non-paternal event?  Or are there other possibilities?

It's a mystery to me and I haven't  figured out what to do to learn more. 

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