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Thank you Helen for that link. I have downloaded the book as a .pdf file and will start reading it soon. My grandparents, Heinrich and Leonide Arendt were "verschleppt" from their home in Neu Krausendorf, Wolhynia during the spring of 1914. I wrote down some of their experiences many decades ago while they were still alive. The Tsar's agents moved them and other Germans to Orenburg, deep in Russia, maybe 1,000 miles east of Moscow, where they struggled to survive, living among the Bashkir nomads (an Asiatic people). 

Eventually, following the collapse of the Tsarist regime, the outbreak of the Bolshevik revolution, the surrender of Russia to Germany in December 1917 and the subsequent occupation of Ukraine by the German Army, my grandparents and others made their way back west to Wolhynia to rebuild their villages. The Bolsheviks were really brutal, worse than the Tsar's people, in their treatment of civilians, especially ethnic Germans.

Thank you once more Helen for that posting.

Kurt Gillies
Pembroke, NH
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Searching for info on the Verschleppung - Deportation of Germans to Siberia
WWI - this being the centenary of the event, I found an interesting book
from Tuebingen University in Germany:

The title is  *Verschleppt!: Erlebnisse
während der Bolschewikenzeit *
(Deported!  Experiences/Memoirs from the
Bolschevik times - being the
memoirs of a person from Riga, Latvia.  The book,
authored by an L. Goertz
and an E. Bergmann  is about 174 pages long and can be
downloaded in PDF
format or read


It is in German and in
Fraktur so reading might be an issue, but there may
be some on the listserv who
can gain some information of value if their
ancestors experienced being deported
to Siberia (the Ural Mountains area)
in 1915. Certainly the experiences of those
deported from Latvia  would be
similar to those from Wolhynia.  My grandmother's
family went by railway
boxcar which took a long time getting to their
destination near Samara in

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