[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Legacy webinar on Enemy Aliens in US

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It also includes you can be a citizen & if someone thinks you may be more German then American-you can be sent to Fort McCoy,WI, stripped of your citizenship & even if born here, sent back.  I know for a fact the FBI kept tract of Naturalized  German citizens !
  My aunt Esther said Mr Rollins stood up for my grandfather here in Elgin, I took it as anti-German/immigrant-I now believe it could be this very thing !
My grandfather was working for Dr. Adams 1893 age 17-1900 & Mr.Rollins was best man for wedding 1899 & 1900 they were in SD til 1922-they returned to Elgin area in Minnesota & bought farm land.  I know my families had sent care package-though think was after war-I know my grandfathers family & relatives wrote in 1930's & after 1945.    FOIA-"Freedom Of Information Act" the FBI most likely kept track of Naturalized German citizens as well of alien ones, Judy Russell has files number of FOIA's & is  "The Legal Genealogist"-she loves law & they STILL refuse to send info on her grandaunt- her alien grandaunt !  She was the person whom straightened dust up on the DNA supposedly Ancestry gave to police to catch a criminal relative that may help capturing perpetrator .
Back in the 1990's was at my husbands Ihrke reunion & one of Ron's cousins told me he asked a congressman-Tim Penny to get files on Ihrke family in the FBI files which he had a huge box full !   Family was naturalized !                                       Hope this helps,                                                              Cathy  ALWAYS A ROSE  

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 Just listened to this really interesting webinar by genealogist Judy G.
Russell, and sponsored by the Legacy genealogy software people - it's about
an hour and a half but well worth it.

http://familytreewebinars.com/download.php?webinar_id=289  the video is
free until MAY 27.

If you have U.S. ancestors that were listed as *not naturalized*, this has
some great information.

And there was a link to a site for a fairly new site - German American
Internee Coalition  http://www.gaic.info/index.php

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