[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Legacy webinar on Enemy Aliens in US

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I'll just add this. William Rehnquist wrote an article for American Heritage 
once. He was focusing on the internment of the Japanese during WWII. He 
referred back to the administration of our second president John Adams. It 
is certainly a black mark on his presidency to have had the Alien and 
Sedition acts passed during his term. Rehnquist pointed out that while the 
Sedition  part of that was repealed, the Alien part is still on the books.

So the nisei (second generation Japanese) had their rights violated, and the 
issei(first generation Japanese) did not. Lots of rights were violated 
everywhere I guess.

My mother as a young lady during WWI remembered her pastor in the German 
Reformed Churchn near the hamlet of Stratford, Wisconsin, criticizing the 
English blockage of the North Sea depriving German women and children of 
food, thus violating the rules of war. Luckily this never got reported to 

Walter Gust

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> It also includes you can be a citizen & if someone thinks you may be more 
> German then American-you can be sent to Fort McCoy,WI, stripped of your 
> citizenship & even if born here, sent back. I know for a fact the FBI kept 
> tract of Naturalized German citizens !
> My aunt Esther said Mr Rollins stood up for my grandfather here in Elgin, 
> I took it as anti-German/immigrant-I now believe it could be this very 
> thing !
> My grandfather was working for Dr. Adams 1893 age 17-1900 & Mr.Rollins was 
> best man for wedding 1899 & 1900 they were in SD til 1922-they returned to 
> Elgin area in Minnesota & bought farm land. I know my families had sent 
> care package-though think was after war-I know my grandfathers family & 
> relatives wrote in 1930's & after 1945. FOIA-"Freedom Of Information Act" 
> the FBI most likely kept track of Naturalized German citizens as well of 
> alien ones, Judy Russell has files number of FOIA's & is "The Legal 
> Genealogist"-she loves law & they STILL refuse to send info on her 
> grandaunt- her alien grandaunt ! She was the person whom straightened dust 
> up on the DNA supposedly Ancestry gave to police to catch a criminal 
> relative that may help capturing perpetrator .
> Back in the 1990's was at my husbands Ihrke reunion & one of Ron's cousins 
> told me he asked a congressman-Tim Penny to get files on Ihrke family in 
> the FBI files which he had a huge box full ! Family was naturalized ! Hope 
> this helps, Cathy ALWAYS A ROSE
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> wrote:
> Just listened to this really interesting webinar by genealogist Judy G.
> Russell, and sponsored by the Legacy genealogy software people - it's 
> about
> an hour and a half but well worth it.
> http://familytreewebinars.com/download.php?webinar_id=289  the video is
> free until MAY 27.
> If you have U.S. ancestors that were listed as *not naturalized*, this has
> some great information.
> And there was a link to a site for a fairly new site - German American
> Internee Coalition http://www.gaic.info/index.php
> Helen
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