[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Thiede/Diekte the same?

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Thank you, Rose!   Now I can download it and work on the translation.  It is great all those records they have put online.  Finding lots of records.





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Hi Gail  
See the surname as Diehte. 
This would have 'morphed' or changed to Thiede or Tiede or other variations depending on how the Pastor wanted to spell it.   
Yes marriage date is 8 November 1818.  
It is great seeing all the Chodecz lutheran records post-1865 online.  I found many of my family plus my grandmother's 1904 birth record.
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I was going through the Chodecz marraige records online.    I came across one for Gottlieb Diekte (sp?) and Anna Justyna Maertin.    


In   my family tree I have Gottlieb Thiede married to Anna Justyne Maertin with a   reference I am pretty sure I got for SGGEE of 8 Nov 1818, Chodecz     1818 #34..   Is Gottlieb Diekte also know as Thiede?     Could this be the correct   couple?

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