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I wanted to share this story--I have connected with Ale Guro thru potential DNA match and he found this cousin in Chile. 
I knew about her family but NOT the horror of the entire story. 
Perhaps others have experience of family going to South America. 

Rita Lyster 

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Hi Rita: 

In this second mail that I send you I will tell you what I can find out about Ingrid. 
I found a video on You Tube that showed the "horrible" story that they lived after emigrating from Germany. 
They arrived in Chile in 1962, following a Nazi shepherd named Shefer, he was a pedophile, and he was persecuted in Germany after the end of World War II. He emigrated to Chile with 300 Germans, they followed him like a prophet. When Mr. Shefer and his followers settled in Chile, he forced his followers to work without payment. Shafer also recruited Chilean and German children "for adoption", but in fact he did it to satisfy his low instincts by sexually abusing them. 
And it was not enough yet. Mr. Shäfer also banned the sex life of couples, he separated the families in different pavilions according to the sex and the age of each one of them. Entire families were subjected to this regime. 
Disclosed or disobeyed people were held in the hospital for years (some were held in the hospital for 30 years). They received tortures with electric current and then immobilized them with painkillers. 
Mr. Shefer allowed marriage only when his followers turned 40. 
In the 1990s Mr. Shäfer was arrested and tried for these crimes. 
Ingrid married Franz at the age of 48. Mrs. Tabea, a sister of Ingrid, who died in 2000 never had children. Ingrid told me that Shäfer and his henchmen put electric shocks on her sister's genitals. 
I was unaware of these events, although Chile is a border country of Argentina. The place was called "Colonia Dignidad" - maybe you can look up the history of this place in Google - today it is called "Colonia Baviera". Mrs. Ingrid tells me that the photos show her with her parents and siblings. But I'm still not sure about her father's true story. Possibly he passed away in Germany. She had 7 siblings but one of her sisters died in Germany at the age of 4. In the year 2000 also died Mrs. Tabea. Ingrid and Franz have no home of their own, they live in a house furnished by their kindly friends. Mrs. Ingrid and her husband speak imperfect Spanish. Her husband was a child adopted by a German family surnamed Barr, but he was born in Chile. The other siblings of Ingrid are still living in Cologne Bavaria, that story Mrs. Ingrid did not tell me yet. 

I have copied you a You Tube link from a Chilean television program But it's in Spanish. Ingrid and Franz appear several times in this video. You should try to subtitle it to understand it. 


Best Regards 


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