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I may not have been very clear.  Apologies.

For the main Periodical search page    - https://periodika.lndb.lv/   and
click on EN on the upper right for English - just for the search page
info.  Then choose the filters once you type in your search subject.

Hope this works better.


On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 1:56 PM, Richard Benert <benovich at live.com> wrote:

> Helen,
> Many thanks for this useful source of information.  I'll have to learn to
> use it, however.  I typed in Flüchtlinge in the upper left search box and
> it only returned me to the 1908 article.  Too busy now to deal with this,
> but I will in the future.  There's lots to be learned from newspaper
> articles.
> Dick Benert
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> To the list,
> Following Eduard Kommers' query about the Rigasche Rundschau article on
> mining, I poked around the website and found that the Latvian National
> Library has many digitized German language periodicals/newspapers.  I
> searched for WOLHYNIEN and it spit out 2265 hits in many different
> publications. Obviously some are not going to be of genealogical use, but
> others might give some background on the time and place. Please note that a
> number of the publications are in Fraktur - the old German script.
> Might be worth a browse also for those searching for WARTHEGAU - there were
> 4 hits that referred to the Wolhynien Germans who had been moved to
> Warthegau in 1940.
> https://periodika.lndb.lv/#searchResults;simpleQuery=wolhynien
> One issue describes the distress of Wolhynians in 1926 due to the Polish
> Government's changes regarding leased land and land ownership based on
> citizenship.  Probably explains why so many left Wolhynia in these years
> between the world wars.
> *"Deutsche Not in Wolhynien"  (German distress in Wolhynia)*
> https://periodika.lndb.lv/periodika2-viewer/view/index-dev.html?lang=en#panel:pp|issue:/p_003_riru1926s01n149|article:DIVL142|query:Wolhynien%20Wolhynien|issueType:P
> <https://periodika.lndb.lv/periodika2-viewer/view/index-dev.html?lang=en#panel:pp%7Cissue:/p_003_riru1926s01n149%7Carticle:DIVL142%7Cquery:Wolhynien%20Wolhynien%7CissueType:P>
> <
> https://periodika.lndb.lv/periodika2-viewer/view/index-dev.html?lang=en#panel:pp%7Cissue:/p_003_riru1926s01n149%7Carticle:DIVL142%7Cquery:Wolhynien%20Wolhynien%7CissueType:P
> >
> An article in 1908 on the Rigasche Zeitung talks about the emigration of
> German colonists - sometimes a whole village.
> https://periodika.lndb.lv/periodika2-viewer/view/index-dev.html?lang=en#panel:pp|issue:/p_003_duze1908s01n036|article:DIVL43|query:Wolhynien%20Wolhynien%20Wolhyniens|issueType:P
> <https://periodika.lndb.lv/periodika2-viewer/view/index-dev.html?lang=en#panel:pp%7Cissue:/p_003_duze1908s01n036%7Carticle:DIVL43%7Cquery:Wolhynien%20Wolhynien%20Wolhyniens%7CissueType:P>
> <
> https://periodika.lndb.lv/periodika2-viewer/view/index-dev.html?lang=en#panel:pp%7Cissue:/p_003_duze1908s01n036%7Carticle:DIVL43%7Cquery:Wolhynien%20Wolhynien%20Wolhyniens%7CissueType:P
> >
> I am also checking out items relating to the 1915 deportation of Wolhynian
> Germans to Siberia, although I expect names will not be listed.  Still the
> subject matter on the routes taken, the numbers involved would be
> interesting.   The search engine does permit searching by decade - noted on
> the left border.
> Some of the titles of the articles are headed "INLAND", which I have
> discovered refers to reports from the "Interior", Latvia falling under the
> Russian Empire, I gather.
> Will also check out "FLÜCHTLINGE" - refugees for both the 1915 and 1940-45
> era......
> I will be browsing for a while....
> The Home Page is also avlb in English
> http://www.lnb.lv/en/resources/digital-library
> *but *any online books require registration for limited use if the material
> is avlb free on line.  I have not researched in detail if there are costs
> as I was interested only in the newspapers/periodicals.
> Hope some of these sources are useful.....
> Helen
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