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The only thing I’d add to Sigrid’s translation is that the godparents were Krystyna Schulz, married name, and Gottlieb Schulz.  I would assume they were married to each other although there is nothing that says that.  Since Anna was a married woman but the husband was not mentioned, it is possible that the husband had died earlier.  In this case, the husband could have been the father or if the husband died more than 9 months ago, of course the child would have another father.  If this family interests you, you should look for a Bloch death prior to this birth.  My thinking is that the husband’s death would not have been recent or he would likely have been mentioned in the record.  Good luck finding what you want.

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    The mother's name is Anna nee Mira (ow ending) Bloch, age 33. She is a 
    day laborer in Grabiszew. Marianna Grams, Gottlieb Schulz and Samuel 
    Dusdal are witnesses. Presumably the father Bloch is not present. They 
    do not say the father is unknown, though perhaps that is understood. The 
    infant is named Juliana.
    You may have to continue looking for births to Susanne Stibbe Bloch.

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