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One cure for bleak is to take one letter at a time.   I used to feel the same way, until I met the fabulous Dr. George Schweitzer.   He was from Knoxville, dressed in liederhosen, paced the floor, and knew how to teach genealogists.   He showed us how to write our own surnames in the old Sutterlin schrift,  just as we learned - in cursive - in grade school.  You remember it that way because your own hand has done it.  You compare it with the other letters and   words.   You look for one of the very helpful books such as If I Can You Can Decipher German Writing (or close to that) by Edna Bentz - and there's another by Roger Minert, also excellent.  Computers simply cannot do that, nor can they translate anything useful.  But you can.

Maureen - before morning coffee!

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Thank you for the link. It's very interesting, though I feel bleak about my ability to ever learn how to read any of the handwriting styles.


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