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Paul Rakow paul.rakow at cantab.net
Fri May 6 07:06:39 PDT 2016

  Hello kitchur,

      I'm afraid that even if you do look at the films, you won't
 find any extra information - the Zhitomir and Heimtal records
 on the LDS films just give groom, bride and marriage date. (Though
 there must have been more detailed records kept in the parish.)

    These LDS films are on line, but you need to find a member of
 the Mormon church to sign you in - if you visit a Family History
 Centre they will usually be willing to log in for  you.

             Paul Rakow

On Fri, May 6, 2016 02:40, kitchur at mymts.net wrote:

> would anyone have access to these films/records? I have seen on LDS site
> the marriage for Bohn/Ittermann however it is only an index no actual
> record. I'm looking for the parents of Gustav Bohn
> Last, First Name                  D/M   Year Place            Bride
> Film/It   Pg  R Nr Remarks
> Bohn, Gustav                     18 Feb 1885 Zhitomir Parish  Ittermann,
> Susanne                   1897692/1 707   58
> Bohn, Julius                      8 Jan 1885                  Belzer,
> Caroline                     1897692/1 438   16 bride born Neumann
> Bohn, Ludwig                     24 Nov 1881 Shitomir         Rakowski,
> Pauline                    1897593/3 245  325
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