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Hello Sieg

The main test is Autosomal DNA test (atDNA) offered by a few different
places.  Each will give you different ethnicity breakdowns, and this is
because they have different datasets that they are using.

Autosomal DNA is passed down from your ancestors, but you may get lots or a
little or none from specific ancestors. Whether it will show your GGG
grandmother being scottish will depend on how much (if any) DNA you
inherited from her, but also what bits of DNA from other ancestors are from
that group!  As an exmple, I have a known Australian Aboriginal GGG
grandmother - this is the same distance as your Scottis one. My DNA test at
ancestry shows 2% Melanesian (which covers some islands as well as
Australian Aboriginal).

Scottish would show up as "british isles" or "irish" I believe (depending
on which test you use and what their parameters are).

There are 3 main testing companies
* FTDNA - smaller customer base, higher participation of european testers
* Ancestry.com - largest customer base (over 2 million)
* 23andme - large customer base. Many customers only do it for health
testing. I've heard there are good comparison tools there, but i haven't
done a test there so don't know much about it.

I think that myheritage DNA test might just be a re-branded FTDNA test. I
wouldn't be too keen on them yet - their DNA matching algorithms need
refinement- I have 9 matches, of which only 3 match either of my parent.
with the other 6, if they don't match either of my parents, then as far as
I am concerned it is a False match - showing as a match to me but it is
false because they don't match either parent.

No mattch which one you use, you can upload your data to gedmatch.com -
which is free (runs on donations) so you can compare to anyone else that
has uploaded there, no matter which company they tested with.  I don't know
yet whether myheritage test will let you download your data file to upload
to gedmatch.

There are two other DNA tests that can be done, and are only available
through FTDNA.  They are
* Y-DNA - male only. Shows your halogroup going back many generations on
your direct male line. this is because the male gets one chromosome
(intact) from his father. Mutations happen occasionally, so around the
world people have different results.
* mtdna - done by male or female. the mtdna is the dna in the body of the
cell, not the nucleus (where the autosomal dna is). Your mitochondrial DNA
comes from your MOTHER. A father does not pass his along. Just like Y-DNA,
this passes down the generations with only occasional mutations.

I hope that this makes sense - at least as some starting information.

Happy to help anyone in this group with DNA questions  either on the group
or email me privately :)

On 12 November 2016 at 10:32, Sieg Schewe <siegschewe at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Members: Thank you all who offered and translated the German
> document for me.
> Will a DNA test tell me if I am a small % of Scottish from my
> ggg-grandmother.
> On the male side everyone is German for 7 generations before me.
> If so which is the best DNA type and company to use for the Scottish info?
> I am not looking to see if I have more relatives with the DNA or any
> other information.
> MyHeritage has a price of $79 at the moment but not sure if there DNA
> would give me the answer.
> Thanks
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