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Hello Sieg:

My experience is with 23andme - where I did the test - and then with GEDmatch which is a fabulous free site with all kinds of tools to analyze the data; you upload your results from other companies onto it.     It does not give percentages in the way you are seeking.     23andme does tell you what percentage of various populations you have but I just checked and Scottish is not a category.    Presumably it would be lumped into the “British-Irish” category.   You could likely ask them that question before doing the sample.

I have no experience with MyHeritage results except that I uploaded my 23andme results onto that site.     I have not been impressed with the information given there.

Hope this is helpful.


> On Nov 11, 2016, at 3:32 PM, Sieg Schewe <siegschewe at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Members: Thank you all who offered and translated the German document for me.
> Will a DNA test tell me if I am a small % of Scottish from my ggg-grandmother. 
> On the male side everyone is German for 7 generations before me.
> If so which is the best DNA type and company to use for the Scottish info?
> I am not looking to see if I have more relatives with the DNA or any other information.
> MyHeritage has a price of $79 at the moment but not sure if there DNA would give me the answer.
> Thanks 		 	   		  
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