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    I have looked at a few notes and I found out that my dad’s mother Magdalena Betsch had an older sister Katherine who married a Harter and then when widowed married a Kercher and had children from both those marriages. She had a sister Rosie who married a Blum. I think for brothers there was an Albert, George, John and Peter and one unnamed boy born in the US . Other sisters could include and Ema who had two boys of her own and Alieta but I really know very little about any of these people. (Horst Gutsche - this side is Bessarabian German from Jakobstal) (This is the Polish German side and there is some kind of relationship with Ewald Wuschke so there should be some information in the HSGPV library at Trinity Lutheran in Edmonton - Horst Gutsche.)
On my mom's side what I do know and need go get more of is from here:
 Mom's dad's sideGottlieb Preis, born in Bradcuff , Poland {not sure how it was really spelled} married a Julie Ann Kempin born in Marjanowka, Poland were her grandparentsThey had eight children that lived and quite a few miscarriages those born include:
1. Ema born in 1890 in Sepno , Poland
2. August born March 24, 1892 in Sepno, Poland;  he was my mom's dad
3. Emil born 1901 in Sepno , Poland
4. Wanda born Sepno , Poland and died in 1917 in Trest , Poland
5. Elsa born in Sepno , Poland
6. Reinhold born in 1906 in Marjanowka , Poland
7 and 8. Twins Gustaff and Godfried born in Trest , Poland

On  Gottlieb's side do know he had these siblingsEmil Preis was the oldest
Reinhold Preis
Gottlieb came then
set of twins came -  know one died and one lived
do know on Julie Ann's side she had the following brothers and sisters
Not sure of her parents but she had these brothers and sisters:
Emma was the oldest
Donald Kempin
August Kempin
Ferdinand Kempin
then was Julie Ann 
Rosalia married a Krieser
unknown sister name married a Kisse

Mom's mother side
Andreas{Andrew} Hiller born in Sepno, Poland married Carolina [some think she was a Froeligh and others said she was a Bliever or something like that] born in Yehplonkie, Poland [spelling not certain]
Their children were:
1. Julie {Julieanna} born in 1889 in Sepno, Poland
2. Marie born in 1890 in Sepno , Poland - married a Koch
3. Herman born in 1891 in Sepno , Poland - married Natalia Geisler
4. Julious born in 1893 in Sepno , Poland - married Marie Kurs
5. Fernant {Fermont} born in 1898 in Sepno, Poland died in Russia
6.Natalie Olga born Oct. 10, 1900 in Sepno, Poland - my grandmother
7.Christoph born 1902 in Sepno, Poland - went missing in the war, Had married a  Elsa Tremkel and his son Ed lives in Manitoba
8.Martha born 1903 in Sepno, Poland and married Rudolph Yeske and lived in BC Canada till she died

August Preis married Natalia Olga Hiller on Dec. 28, 1920 in Tomaszowie Mazowiecki, Poland and had the following children;

1. Edmund Preis born in 1921 in Sepno , Poland  - lived 6 weeks
2. Reinhold Preis born in 1923 in Sepno , Poland and lived 8 days
3. Helene Eva born May 7, 1924 in Sepno, Poland and married Wilhlem Albrecht and died in Vegreville, Alberta onApril 27, 1973
4. Alexander Preis born 1926 in Sepno , Poland lived 2 months
5. Wanda born April 5, 1928 in Whitewood. Saskatchewan married Marshall Bohaychuk
6. Linda born July 6, 1938 in Meeting Lake , Saskatchewan and died in Vegreville onAugust 6, 2000 had married Allister Rylance

Any and all information I can get that goes back from the people I mention here will be greatly appreciated if and when it becomes available.


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