[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Gross Tuchen Evangelical Church Records

Sue Wert rswert at gmail.com
Sun Apr 23 10:54:40 PDT 2017

Peter Von Lapinski, I was asking about Evangelical Church records in Gross Tuchen because I had my first Mielke DNA match with a possible 4th or 5th cousin. He said his Mielke family emigrated from Gross Tuchen. I have been concentrating on Kreis Schlawe for my search, but this recent DNA finding led me to think maybe I should search in and around Gross Tuchen. 

Information I have:

My great grandmother was Pauline Mielke b. Sept. 26, 1864
Pauline's sister was Helene Mielke b. Feb. 23, 1866
Another sister or aunt was Auguste Mielke b. Oct. 5, 1855, arrival unknown
Pauline and Helene came to America on the ship SS Werra, arriving at the port of New York in 1883.  
On the same ship's manifest are Ernst and Caroline Klug Mielke. All listed from Prussia.
All of the above settled in the 11th Ward, Pittsburgh, PA, then known as Allegheny City. 
All of the above Mielkes were either married in or attended a German Evangelical Lutheran Church. 
Allied families were Preis ( my great grandfather from Bavaria). Others were all from Prussia or Germany, used interchangeably. They were the families of Dummer, Pahlow, Weitzke, Klitzke, Maas and possibly Kummerrow.  

This DNA match might be a false lead, but I appreciate your kind offer to try to help me. Many thanks. 
Sue Wert

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