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Hi Beatrix,

Normally access to death records would not be restricted by the FamilySearch rules about restricting records related to potentially living people. However, I suspect that this 1928 alegata record is related to Kristine Drat's widower husband marrying again in 1928 after her death the previous year. He falls under the "living" records category, as does his bride. So this entire alegata (births related to marriages) folder has been restricted. That is likely why it is not available. However, fortunately for you, our volunteers extracted the basic data for the Lublin Database.

If there is other information you should know, Karl Krueger, Lublin Project leader and our webmaster, will reply.

Sigrid Pohl Perry




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I found a relative in the Lublin database but I'm having trouble finding
the document on the family search site. The info on the database for
Kristine Drat says: Died August 1927  Disk 66 File 00100 Reg #57 Folder
Cycow 1928 with a special note: Baptist Alegata Zezulin Aug 1928

I couldn't see it in the Family search file and when I checked the look up
table on the sggee site it said disc 66 is not available. Am I out of luck?

Also, does anyone know if there are any plans for more records to be
scanned for Baptists in the Lublin/Cycow area other than the ones already
on Family search?
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