[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Germans, who were killed in 1939. Kreis Leslau (Wloclawek), Poland

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Tue Feb 7 02:15:08 PST 2017

This site may be of interest to you:

It contains transcripts of death records of local Germans, who were killed in September 1939 in the county of Wloclawek (Kreis Leslau), Poland.  Most of them were killed on September 11, 1939, probably by Polish soldiers.  It appears that the transcripts were made in 1940/1941 by the local occupying German authorities.  Most of the records are from the Lutheran parishes of Przedecz and Chodecz.

23 of the killings took place in or near the village of Debina (Dembina) about halfway between Przedecz and Klodawa in the Lutheran parish of Przedecz.  Some of the names are:  Badtke, Behnke, Fitz, Hartwig, and Wendland.

Jan Textor

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