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Petra Serwaty petra at serwaty.de
Tue Feb 7 11:06:57 PST 2017

Hello, I hope times on a coincidence.

I have two people named Christian Spitzer who lived around 1792 in Rudzk 
Wielki, north of Sompolno, all persons were evangelical.

1. Christian Spitzer, +29.10.1792 (murdered), Schulze, oo around 1772 
with Dorothea Müller (probably in the prison until 1804)
Paul, * around 1775, farmed the Lehmannsgut in Lonszek (Lasczek?) In 1792
Jakob, * 08.07.1781
Ludwig, * 18.04.1784
Gottfried, * 14.06.1785 in Ruszkowo, Wladyslawow Church (according to 
SGGEE) and
Anna, * 04.02.1787
Erdmann, * 08.03.1789
Andreas, * approx. 12.1790 in Rudzk, Wladyslawow Church (according to SGGEE)
Christoph Joseph, * 08.07.1792
By nothing from this entries was another Spitzer person godfather.

2. Christian Spitzer, Einsasse, oo ??, oo with Marianne

Probably a cousin of the o.g. Christian Spitzer, father-brother-son of 
the murdered.
Joseph, * 12.02.1783,
Paul, * 29.01.1787
By both children a Christian Spitzer was the godfather.

All entries are from the diocesan archive Wloclawek (except for 
Gottfried and Andreas)
No further entries (for example, Christian entry) could be found in 
various further requests to the diocesan archive in Wloclawek.
Between 1765-1770 no oo-entry with Dorothea Müller was found, a request 
for the oo between 1770-1775 still runs.

At that time in Rudzk Wielki there lived a Martin Hennig, who was 
married to ..... Spitzer.

On a marriage in 1784 between Martin Spitzer and Katharina ....... both 
Christian Spitzer were witnesses.

I have not found any of these children in any entry from Polajewo or 

Is anyone of you one of this person noticed elsewhere? Maybe they were 
went in another area because of the incidents elsewhere.

Best regards
Petra (Serwaty)


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