[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Volhynians in Argentina (Javier Acosta)

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My family always claimed that the reason why people from Volhynia moved to
South America, lower Canada and to the upper States (Midwest) of the U.S.
was because the land in these regions was similar to the land they farmed
in Volhynia, thus they knew how to farm in these new areas. Additionally,
their own family members were already in these new lands.

I hope that helps!

Jennifer Walker
San Antonio, Texas
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Hello everyone.
There are a lot of Volhynians that came to South America, but the reasons
are unknown to me,some of them I know came directly to Paraguay or
Argentina.My husband's maternal grandparents came in 1926, they were Adolf
Kuhn and Agathe Bussthey lived in Topscha near Korets, Vohlynia.Other
surnames of Volhynians ?that came to Paraguay are Hilscher, Pelzer, Rosin,
Sitzmann, Pufal.

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