[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Trying to find more records

Irene König kopetzke at gmx.net
Fri Jan 13 11:39:00 PST 2017


I  did notice the surprising "... husband of the deceased Wilhelmine 
born Waldan" in Gottlieb's death record but it is clearly a mistake. The 
coloumn "single, married, widowed or divorced" shows Gottlieb as 

As for Wilhelmine's maiden name, I found WALDAN, WALDON, WALDO and 
WALDAU. Difficult to says which is the "right one". I've opted for 
WALDON because Frydrych WALDON and Wilhelm WALDON, both cloth-makers, 
were living in Brzeziny at the same time like Gottlieb ARNHOLD and his 


Am 13.01.2017 um 13:20 schrieb Manfred Hensel:
> I would think about the last name of Wilhelmine ARNHOLD, her maiden 
> name should be read as WALDAN,
> in both mentioned records I see an "a" instead of the "o".
> A little bit surprising the fact, that the record about the death of 
> Gottlieb ARNHOLD on 21th / 23rd of February 1890 says that his wife 
> Wilhelmine is dead
> ("... husband of the deceased Wilhelmine born Waldan")
> while the record about the death of Wilhelmine ARNHOLD the next year 
> on 3rd / 5th of April 1891 says "widowed"

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