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Gerhard König gerhard.koenig at gmx.net
Fri Jun 23 00:02:12 PDT 2017

Hello Dick & List,

 > I am searching for the copy of Mykhailo Kostiuk's "Liquidation of
 > Volhynian Germans' Property in the Years of 1914-1916, Nominal Lists"

This book and some more you can order in our book shop from Historical 
Society. The easiest way to pay is PayPal.

The order form: http://wolhynien.de/HVW/pdf/HVW_Bestell.pdf
Email-address: hvw-versand at wolhynien.de

Fill in the order form with your complete address, save PDF-file on your 
own computer and send this file with your order to hvw-versand at wolhynien.de

Gerhard Koenig
Historical Society

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