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I see you are referring to the birth indexes of Babiak parish covering 1804 - 1828.  Johann Tonn is shown in year 1811.

I have always called this 'An index to nothing'.   Further into the film there are other indexes from 1811 forward.   

About 12 years ago I made some detailed notes indicating what was in each 0-101 to 0-110 section on Film 0810111.

""0-103 - Births and Marriages for 1804 to 1828, book #3 - Index to Nothing.  Birth list does show villages beside the names - probably birth place.  Marriage Index gives year and village.

0-104 - Births 1811/1812, book #4.  contains only a few detailed birth entries from Nov. 1811 to May 1812.  Written in Polish.""

Where the original records are is a big mystery. 

In the 1811-1812 section there are only 18 names listed under births.  There should be about 200 names in the years 1811-1812. 

In the 1812-1813 section there are more names and detailed entries, but still many missing.  

I am sure I found my Mueller sisters birth years and places which fits the information on their marriage and death records.

SO,  basically something is better than nothing.  

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  I'm researching Johan Tonn, thought to be born about 1810 in Bycz.  LDS film
  810811 (volume 3/O-103 for 1811) shows his name as Jan Tonn (one N with a
  mark above it), born in Bycz.  The next columns show a 4 and an 89 but no
  record is shown matching either one.  Are the actual birth records missing?
  It seems like this film only shows the indexes, and about 12-15 actual
  records before going to the next index.  If anyone can direct me further, I
  would appreciate it!



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