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Manfred Hensel manfred.hensel at koeln.de
Sun Mar 26 11:49:01 PDT 2017

Am 26.03.2017 um 18:44 schrieb Frank Schultz:
> Stare Prusy in German means “Altpreussenfier”
Stare Prusy seems to be the polish name of Alt Prussy:

I would suppose that in the mentioned death record "starych Prussach" is 
not any area called "Alt Preussen" but is the village
Alt Prussy.
It is only a guess but I do not believe, that Kristian SCHULTZ, the son 
of the deceased Michael SCHULTZ was able to take
such a kind of political nomination to answer the question where his 
father was born 66 years ago.
To clarify my thoughts:  son Kristian was born around 1779/1780 and 
since 1772 the term "Altpreussen" named the origin areas
East- and Westprussia.
If he did not know father's place of birth exactly he would have said 
something like "from Prussia" to say "not from Poland"...
If the above mentioned Alt Prussy was right and the son Kristian had 
said so I do believe that the polish clerk / officer of the county
or the polish priest, oftentimes both in one person had understood "Alt 
Prussi" which he wrote down as "w stary Prussach" (... from old Prussia")
or the son had said himself the same in polish language: "stare Prussi".
Though I can't read the polish language good enough I do recognise that 
the death record was written down by the civil registry office
of Wiskitki but not by any german evang. lutherical church officer.
Last but not least, if Alt Prussy is the right choice, this village was 
located in Westpreussen (West Prussia) and therefore part of Altpreussen ;-)


Manfred Hensel
51107 Köln

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