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Dear Frank,Dave Obee's site gives you a good background what might be found in EWZ. From this you would learn to expect only those Germans who were resettled during WW II.
There is no list of names of those present in the EWZ files. The National Archives has an index of where you can find particular ranges of names in the many microfilms that exist in this collection. 

Since I know some of your relatives lived near Lublin those may already be in the SGGEE MPD since we have extracted many of the EWZ files from the Lublin area. If you had any relatives in Russian territory prior to WW II practically all of that data has been extracted into the Odessa Digital Library - note that is only Germans in Russia (not Poland or Polish Volhynia or the Baltic States).
If you are trying to predict which of your relatives may be in EWZ they would have to have lived in the eastern segment of Poland. I don't know the exact line that demarcates this but Warsaw or further east should be included. Move a bit west from Warsaw and those locations often were not involved in the resettlement (Umsiedlung).

Sorry I can't help anymore without actually being at the National Archives to look up the names for you. That is still the only way to determine this short of the few databases that exist where parts of EWZ data has been extracted.

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Could anybody please tell me how I can find out whether there are EWZ files about people I am researching?
Is there an index somewhere with names? How could I obtain copies if files are available?

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