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That village shows on ~ 1930 1:100000 polish map. Today the name has changed and therefor the next gazetteer will show:

Pustynia (Bywka), Torun, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland   520108 184740

It is a part of the village (część wsi) Brzozówka.





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Rose & Frank,

     I've been show ancestor names that were born in Bywka,  in the early

     1700's to mid 1800's. So it may have disappeared some time ago.


     Numerous searches show "BYWKA near Torun",   But 

      <http://www.kerntopf.com/dobrin/orte/i_lipno.htm> www.kerntopf.com/dobrin/orte/i_lipno.htm  shows the "district" to be


     I searched the older maps on  <http://igrek.amzp.pl/mapindex.php> http://igrek.amzp.pl/mapindex.php and

     have easily found  Dobrzejewice is about 20km WSW from Torun,  

     but I don't find that Bywka village on any of the four surrounding, 

     very detailed, maps  

       (Dobrzejwice is nearly in the corner of one sector).


      <http://mapa.szukacz.pl/> http://mapa.szukacz.pl/ Does not know of Bywka.  


     This seems to be a Dobrinerland village that is well hidden.     


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Do you know the nearest large town to this place?


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It could be that village and I copy from mapa.szukacz:

woj. kujawsko-pomorskie
pow. toruński
gmina Obrowo
760 osób
kod: 87-123>
53°00′17,8″N    18°50′08,1″E
Frank Stewner

> ?Supposedly near Dobrzejwice.   But I can't find it on any maps.
>  Bob Krampetz

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