[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Graveyards in Poland? Monumental inscriptions?

Sigrid Pohl Perry perry1121 at aol.com
Sat Sep 16 13:03:40 PDT 2017

Hi John,

I'm glad you are finding so much useful information on your wife's 
family in Scotland. I haven't seen another reply to your question here 
regarding Evangelical cemeteries in the Ciechanow area. I assume you 
mean the larger village north of Warsaw. I can't answer this 
specifically though anything I've seen from various regions around 
Poland can be summarized.

The few Evangelical German cemeteries I personally saw around the Lublin 
area were in poor repair in 2003. I know that has changed because local 
people were able to make use of some available EU funding to clean them 
up: cut down the saplings, weeds, underbrush; set up any remaining 
headstones, etc. However, most of the markers were likely made of wood 
and they had been used as fuel in WWII or just rotted. I did see some 
stone markers, some covered in moss and illegible, but others could be 
deciphered. I know that in other areas of Poland there are similar 
projects to restore the German Evangelical cemeteries as well as the 
Jewish ones. The WWI cemeteries in which soldiers from all armies were 
buried are generally well cared for.

I can write my German contacts in Mittelpolen as well as one Polish 
contact I now have in that area and see if they know anything about 
cemeteries in Ciechanow. Where is Lacha? And do you have some 
approximate dates for these burials?

Best wishes on the rest of your trip!

On 9/15/2017 2:07 AM, John Abraham wrote:
> What happened to the graves and graveyards of pre-world-war 2 german (evangelical) people in Poland? In my dad's book he mentions two graves in Poland, one of his little sister walking distance from Lacha ("at least once a year I would go with my grandmother on a long walking trip to a Lutheran graveyard to clean my little sister's grave.")
> and the other of his grandfather who was buried "miles from home in Ciechanow"
> I have a photo of the his grandfather's grave, but we had no luck finding it in Ciechanow, although we found many similar headstones.
> I'm visiting Scotland now, and finding a wealth of information on my wife's family from headstones, and from books of monumental inscriptions.  We also rely on headstones in Canada, the "find a grave" website is very useful for photos and inscriptions.  I've never found anything like that from Poland.
> (My dad's book is at http://www.blurb.ca/b/7222905-when-i-was-a-boy, if you'd like to read it just click the "Preview" button on the website. My apologies if this is a duplicate post, I had included a photo of a headstone which put my post into moderation, and I don't think it ever got released to the list)

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