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If you are ussing the Ellis Island Web site, by any chance, be sure to check
the manifest itself, rather than relying on someone else's reading of it. A
high percentage of place name translations is incorrect.

Dave Obee

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> My wife's grandfather came to the U.S. in 1906, last known residence in
> Germany/Poland (from other documents) was in the vicinity of Nieszawa,
> Poland.  (On the Vistula River, between Torun and Wloclawek.)  On the
> manifest, he is listed as having his last residence in Ludwigshafen,
> The only Ludwigshafens I have been able to find are by the Bodensee in
> southern Germany and along the Rhine Rive near Mannheim in west  central
> Germany.  There is no other evidence that this man ever ventured beyond
> Nieszawa region until he came to the U.S.
> Do any of our subscribers know of a location in Poland (probably along the
> north sea or perhaps along the Vistula River) that may have been named
> Ludwigshafen around 1906?  Or any other location for that matter.
> Thanks for your help, Greg Mason
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