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The village cantor books that I've seen had amazingly detailed information.
For example, marriage books had 6 columns with 1-the number of the record;
2-name, address, birth place and occupation; 3- age and martial
status(Bachelor,spinster, etc.); 4-the 3 date of banns; 5- where and who
announced the banns; 6- when, where and who performed the marriage. In the
Tutschin Cantor books it indicates that the recorded marriages might have
ocurred in Rozyszsce, Heimthal, The Catholic church in Tutschin, in Ostrog,
etc. I suppose in many of these instances the marriage ocurred in the brides
parish; in other instances the couple did not have the patience to wait for
the twice yearly visit of a distant Pastor.
One would hope that all the Cantor books were as well written and detailed
as the various ones that I was able to check. I do recall reading where in
the parish of Tutschin(Tuczyn), because Pastor Althausen did not record the
information as well as he could have, that Walter Kuhn, a researcher, uses
the various Cantor books for his research.(the Tutschin Parish was
established in 1888). The Tutschin Cantor books(which
cover only the town of Tutschin) are in Warsaw and I believe the Tutschin
Parish books are in the Rovno Archives(or perhaps these are the civil
transcripts of this administrative district).
Howard Krushel
krushelh at cadvision.com

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> Howard,
> You mention the village cantor books.  What information might these cantor
> books contain?
> Dick

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